Looking for a nanny in Bahrain?

If you live in Bahrain, Nannies Incorporated can help you find the right permanent nanny to look after your children in your own home. 

As a London nanny agency with over 30 years of expertise, we are trusted by clients to provide the best maternity nurses, nannies and governesses in Bahrain and worldwide. 

Nannies in Bahrain Salary 

Salaries for professional full-time nannies in Bahrain :

  • Start at £650/£700 net per week
  • Going up to £1000 (++) net per week and upwards

Finding a Professional Nanny in Bahrain

We’ll find you a caring, experienced and dependable nanny or governess to suit your needs, on a live-in basis (or with separate accommodation for the nanny provided). We also place maternity nurses in Bahrain and worldwide and these look after newborn babies only on a temporary live-in basis. 

Nannies Incorporated can find you an experienced nanny or governess to work with you in Bahrain, on a permanent full-time basis.  

Our candidates are mainly native English speakers from the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, as these are highly sought after due to the English language teaching aspect.